Fire, drive and passion

British GPJamie Hynes explains how, with his amazing video, he chose to inspire the next generation of GPs. The video is at the bottom of this page.

I received an e-mail from the Midland Faculty asking for entrants to a competition with the aim of inspiring the next generation of GPs. Suggestions were offered for prose of 400 words or less, a poem or a picture. I’ll do those then, I thought.

I wanted an antidote to negativity, to the feeling of adversity and a profession under the cosh.

I wanted to celebrate the positivity of life in General Practice and be unashamedly unapologetic for the intrinsically worthwhile job we do that is warmly appreciated by our patients.

Being a good GP is something to aspire to.

I wanted the video to communicate subtly the essence of General Practice: the individual facets have relevance, but most import is the need to appreciate the bigger picture, hence the big reveal at the end. Broaden the gaze…

My own goosebump moment is “…Maintain that fire, drive and passion I beseech…” which had even more impact as I recited the poem alongside the video clip at the Midland Faculty Summer Ball where the winner of the competition was announced. More difficult after a couple of glasses of wine with the dinner!

A great deal of thanks to the Midland Faculty, Clare Taylor, Hayley Dunn and Jonathan Leach et al for providing the opportunity to create this love letter to General Practice. And to graphic designer Claire Leach who re-shot the video more professionally than I could manage on my iphone.

We do belong to our patients, the community, the fold. When we’re referred to as ‘My Doctor’- well, that feels like pure gold. This is #whyGP

Jamie Hynes
Proud GP, TPD

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