Falling in love with GP, Eddy Bridge – Medical Student

Eddy BridgeUntil recently I didn’t want to become a GP. I’ve always assumed general practice lacked excitement and wasn’t intellectually stimulating. However, during my primary care placement, I realised the rewarding aspect of medicine is the privilege of helping others. My time at Friarwood Surgery changed my attitude towards primary care. I now want to become a GP.

Medicine is a science, but being a good doctor involves being able to listen and communicate. I had witnessed how communication failures in hospitals left GPs to console confused or angry patients. I learnt that to take a good history you must understand the patient’s story.

My previous assumptions concerning general practice were completely flawed. How can general practice be intellectually inferior? The varied presentations make diagnoses incredibly difficult. And how can it not be exciting? You literally have no idea what will come through your door. That first consultation builds a relationship that can last until the end of a patient’s life.

General practice is where doctors really help people, by addressing their fears, understanding their beliefs and providing care to suit them.

This is where the real medicine happens and that is why I want to be a GP.

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