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  1. Great to find this website and to be able to read all the positive comments about the role of the GP which I have enjoyed myself since 1973 . ALSO at long last the RCGP has come to realize that as GPs we MUST also develop an interest in the “learning needs of patients and carers”. The GP practice is not the place to create “an environment for learning” for patients and carers. We must therefore work with our colleagues in adult education , the community library service and in pharmacy practice and do all we can to influence the “National Task Force” on the “future of the library”- a Public Health Doctor is already on this Task Force. As GPs we cannot any longer work within our own “silo” but we must also find the time, energy and motivation to work with others in education, the library service , forest schools and many other agencies to encourage “the huge and sustained educational programme for patients and carers” that the RCGP Occasional Paper No 64 called for over 30 years ago ! To my mind the future of GP practice will be closely linked with the ability of academic GPs and CCGs to create some GP posts across the UK that combine the face-to-face work of the GP with the knowledge, skill and ability of the former “medical officer of health” . Some of us for some of our time must be encouraged and well supported to “work upstream”.

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